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Get Enhanced Efficiency with the New C.O.C.P. App

Get Enhanced Efficiency with the New C.O.C.P. App

Just as you want the best doctors to treat any illness that you or your loved ones may have, you also need the best pharmacy to provide the best follow-up care and fill any prescription you need.  Since 1998, Central Ohio Compounding Pharmacy has been in the business of providing the foremost experts to meet those needs, and now, we're making it even easier for our patients with our brand new app — Rx Mobility.

Introducing Rx Mobility 

C.O.C.P.’s goal with Rx Mobility is to ensure that both patients and staff are operating at the highest level of efficiency, all while maintaining a strong and loyal relationship. Customer well-being will always be the primary focus of the staff at C.O.C.P. With the development of Rx Mobility, the C.O.C.P. family believes we will be able to further enhance how we care for our patients, and ultimately further enhance patient well-being.

Increased Efficiency 

For patients, working with C.O.C.P. has never been easier. The pharmacy is now at your fingertips! Rx Mobility is designed to be user friendly, so patients can take full advantage of all of C.O.C.P.’s services.  With the tap of a finger, patients can:

  • Refill prescriptions: With our app, you don't have to worry about standing in line at the pharmacy just to drop off your prescription. You can refill any of your medications (or your family members' medications) right from the comfort of your home. It's as easy as that. 
  • Set reliable medication reminders: Do you sometimes have a difficult time remembering to refill your prescriptions? You can use our reminders on the app to let you know when it's time to send for a refill. 
  • View all of C.O.C.P.’s services: Not sure what all we can help you with? Just visit the "Our Services" section of the app to get a complete list of all of our services. We can fill prescriptions for general health, women's health, men's health, pain management, and even for your pets. 
  • Contact the pharmacy directly: It's never been easier to contact the pharmacy. We save you the time of looking up our number every time you have a question by including it right in the app. One click and the app will dial the pharmacy for you. 
  • And so much more!

Our New App Makes it Easier than Ever to Refill Prescriptions and Contact the Pharmacy

With patients using Rx Mobility, staff members can focus primarily on the quality of their work and making C.O.C.P. the best compounding pharmacy in all of Central Ohio. Download today!

 Are you ready to get the power of C.O.C.P. at your fingertips? Visit the App Store or Google Play to download Rx Mobility today. For more information, you can call the pharmacy at 614-847-0960.

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