Central Ohio Compounding Pharmacy   7870 Olentangy River Rd 202 Columbus,OH43235   (614) 847-0109
Central Ohio Compounding Pharmacy
7870 Olentangy River Rd 202
ColumbusOH 43235
 (614) 847-0109

Reviews Of Central Ohio Compounding Pharmacy

4.88 67 Reviews
Richard Keith
Mar 15, 2016

Awsome, people really care for your needs

Feb 18, 2016

An answer from an expert! Thanks for coignnbutirt.

Ross Niekamp
Sep 19, 2015

I really enjoy going to Central Ohio Compounding for my prescriptions. Their staff is friendly, and it's in a very convenient location so I can pop by The Hills and pick up some items as well.

Linda Hegarty
Jul 25, 2015

I am a breast cancer survivor and after having a mastectomy and chemotherapy I started to suffer from some women's health issues. Taking any kind of hormone was not an option for me, so I spoke with the pharmacists at Central Ohio Compounding Pharmacy and they were able to suggest a non-hormonal medication. They contacted my oncologist and provided her with information and studies on the compounded medication they were recommending. Tony took the time to speak personally with both my oncologist and urologist about the medication, educating them on its ingredients and uses. My doctors ended up prescribing the medication and I have had great results! I was feeling very hopeless at the prospect of not having any drug options available to me, and using a compounded medication has made all the difference in the way I feel. My doctors as excited to offer this option to other breast cancer survivors who are having the same problems. The staff at the pharmacy were all very friendly and helpful. They were able to mail my medication since I live out of town, making things very convenient. I would definitely recommend this pharmacy to anyone struggling with a health issue that cannot be managed with a regular retail drug.

Abby Tyson
Jul 25, 2015

I filled my daughter's prescription there when she was a baby. They were able to make her prescription so that she would not have to take a large volume of medication and they also made it a flavor she would easily take. I also loved their delivery service. I would highly recommend using this pharmacy. I felt safe knowing they were making a prescription for my little one.

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